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Virus Removal

In Your Home

After our appointment, your Windows or Mac computer will be virus-free! And, you’ll never have to lug your gear into a store.


Serving Metro Detroit

Service in your home

Never lug you gear into the store again. I’ll come to you wherever it’s most convenient.

Expert virus, spyware, & malware removal

If your computer has been infected with viruses, malware, or spyware, I’ll remove it for you.

All types of computers

I have years of experience working on all types of computers, Windows and Mac. 

Serving Metro Detroit
Since 2008

Guaranteed Best

100s of Happy

Clients who ❤ Lightning

I was referred to Anthony when he was just starting off in business. Even then, I was surprised by his ability to manage all of my needs.

Now, 10 years later, he is still my go-to guy for any tech issue. Best support ever!!!

Sally, Hair Stylist

I’ve been a client of Anthony’s for years. He is absolutely amazing with his knowledge of the computer.

He is very reliable and efficient with taking care of my computer problems, and I’m impressed that he responds to my calls for help promptly.

Clarice, Retired Teacher

I asked Anthony to recover data from a laptop that stopped working. He came to my house, opened up my computer, and retrieved all of my files. And, I paid much less than if I’d taken it to the store.

I’m so glad I called him!

La Shel, Program Coordinator

About me

I’m Anthony Wagner, and I’m the tech guy behind Lighting PC Repair.

I’ve been in the computer repair business in Metro Detroit for over 10 years. I have hundreds of happy clients from Bloomfield Hills to Wyandotte to Brighton to Detroit.

I also serve as the Chief Technology Officer for a local school district. I support 100 staff members and about 700 students.

Still curious? Click here to learn even more about me! 

  • When I’m not working my day job, or working on my podcast called Easier, I can probably be found lying on the beach listening to one of my favorite books or podcasts. 
  • I love classical and jazz music! I go to the symphony all the time, and I play first-chair trombone in a local symphony band.
  • One of my favorite non-fiction books is Storyworthy by Matthew Dicks. If it’s fiction, it’s got to be Harry Potter.
  • I don’t play video games that much, but when I do, you can bet it’ll be a Zelda game. Or Minecraft. I spend so much time playing Minecraft.
  • I love to travel! Of all of the places I’ve visited, I’ve been to Chicago the most.



The big-box stores charge $149

For the same service, you’ll pay at least $149 at a big-box store. And you’ll have to lug your gear in to the store.


Lightning Pricing

My prices beat the big-box stores every time, guaranteed!

Frequent questions


What locations do you service?

I service most areas around Metro Detroit! I’m based in Westland, so cities around my area are covered!

For farther distances, there is a small charge for travel: 

  • 0-10 miles driven: Free!
  • 10-20 miles driven: $10
  • 20+ miles driven: $20


Do you have repair experience?

I’ve been repairing computers for clients in Metro Detroit for over 10 years! I have dozens of happy clients, and a bunch of happy computers!

Also, I currently serve as the Chief Technology Officer for a local school district. 

How much do you charge?

Click here to check out the pricing tables above!

What kinds of tech do you service?

For virus removal, I can handle just about any computer, Windows or Mac. 

I can service almost any tech you can find in a home or at a small business, too. This includes networking equipment, mobile and tablet devices, smart speakers, among others.

How long does an average appointment take?

This varies quite a bit. It depends on how old your machine is, what kind of trouble you’re having, and how severe it is. 

On average though, a typical virus removal appointment takes about 60-90 minutes. Tune-ups add about 30 minutes. 

What's your success rate?

In 10+ years of working on computers, I’ve only had a few stump me. It’s incredibly rare when I can’t fix the problem.

That said, if the problem goes beyond my scope, I’ll provide options to you.

What if I want service beyond virus removal / tune-up?

I’m happy to provide any tech service I can! Beyond the virus removal / tune-up packages, I charge $79 / hour for all services. 

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