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Add some whimsy ?to your typing

Did you know that, with the Fall Creator’s Update (1809), Microsoft rolled out a new emoji keyboard!? That’s right, there’s a Windows 10 emoji keyboard ♥?

windows 10 emoji keyboard

This thing makes it super easy to type emoji when you’re at your desktop or laptop!

How to open the Windows 10 emoji keyboard

All you have to do is hit the Windows and period keys!

emoji keyboard shortcut

Press them together, and the emoji keyboard will pop right up!

Search the emoji keyboard

You can also search for emoji by keyword!

Simply open the keyboard with the shortcut above and start typing.

Check it out:

searching for an emoji

How does this grow my business?

Emoji helps you to add a touch of whimsy ? to whatever you’re typing. Plus, they’re fun ??. Sometimes, a business just needs a bit more fun!